Junior (BRA)
Junior Carvalho is a professional dance instructor from Brazil with more than 15 years of international experience in Social Dances (Zouk, Tango Argentino, Samba de Gafieira ...). Junior has been trained by some of the most recognized dance teachers in Brazil and since he was 19 years old, he has been teaching and performing at his own dance school.
Nine years ago Junior relocated to Germany (Bremen), where he pioneered the Zouk and Samba de Gafieira scene. However, since 2016 he moved back to Brazil, so we are VERY lucky that he can be with us these days in December:)
Junior is loved and well-known all over the world for his clean and efficient methodology. His dance is much more than steps and combinations - techniques must work to make the dance feelings flow.
Lets zouk and samba!


Sofie Bøye (DK)
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