Biographies zouk festival 18


Biographie, Willem and Chantalle


Willem Engel
Willem is the driving force behind DA Dance studio. His passion for dance is in everything he does.
Of course Brazilian Zouk is the dance he loves most.
Travelling the world and spreading this dance has been one of his missions the last 10 years.
During these years he has developed a comprehensive method to learn zouk based on 5 pilars;
body control, connection, movement, creativity and musicality.

Chantalle Iskes
Chantalle is a very experienced stage artist with a Benelux championship title in pole dance.
The 2013-2017 she was part of the magic show of the illusionist Hans Klok.
Since 2017 she has decided to make a career out of her passion for Brazilian zouk and teamed up with Willem.
In their choreos they try to integrate show and zouk.


Biographie, Marco and Nadia


Marco Wessels and Nadia Marini both come from latin dance sports.
Marco has been dancing since his youth and became world champion with the Latin Team of Bremen.
After that, he discovered social dancing, especially Kizomba and Zouk.
Nadia is nowadays at home on the floors of almost all social dances.
She fell in love with Zouk for its unique combination of fluid and sensual movements and embodies an energetic dance style.
Together, they want to share a combination of strong basics, playful dynamics and pure joy of social dancing with you!